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Elizabeth Felt felt at mail.wsu.edu
Tue Dec 9 19:31:33 EST 1997

I checked the archives, and although this subject has been briefly
discussed before, the questions I have were not really answered, so here
we go again....

My library is debating whether or not to have a list of electronic
journals available from our website. This would include the ones 
we are subscribing to, as well as high quality, free e-journals. Our
library is already putting E-journals into the catalog, and we do have a
web version of our catalog; however, some people feel that a
comprehensive list of all of our electronic journals would be nice. I know
that some libraries are doing this and have very impressive lists
(SUNY-Buffalo, for example.)

If you have decided to offer such a list:

--Who is responsible for adding/deleting/checking the links?
--How much time does it involve?
--How is the list arranged? By title, by subject, both?
--Any other comments you would like to offer on this topic.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Caulfield Felt
Reference Librarian
Washington State University
Pullman, WA  99164-5610
felt at wsu.edu

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