GW2K or Dell?

Vladislav S. Davidzon davidzon at
Tue Dec 9 15:15:31 EST 1997

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, John Williams wrote:
> This being the case why buy named clones, where you may well pay for the
> name,  have no control over the parts used, and which often cause
> problems with their proprietary solutions. I'm sure a local dealer would
> be glad to make your machines, and you can meet the people who assemble
> the computers and make sure you're getting the best components. They are
> also just around the corner when it comes to servicing.
> Is there a problem with this, apart from the difficulty a small shop may
> have in quickly meeting very large orders?

Yes.  I've had numerous problems after I bought two machines for my
personal use a while back from a local store.  This particular company
provided support far below "inferior" (something I'd rate as terrible!),
considering the fact that they had me pay $25 for a virus which was never
discovered, and two days later replacing my floppy drive (kaboom,
everything worked).  Buying from local, small companies is risky business.
You may get the machine you wanted, or you may get the piece of trash to
be thrown out two months later.


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