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Elisabeth Roche eroche at
Wed Dec 3 11:45:34 EST 1997

You could also try Browserola for the IE 3.0 emulation. Go to  and read their information.

I have not tried browserola myself, but I ran across it while cruising
one day and it looks interesting. They say they can emulate everything
but the 4.0 browsers now, but a 4.0 is coming out any day.

Good luck!

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emiller at wrote:
> snipped
>      Ii wanted to let you know what Microsoft said.
>      You can not run both IE 3.0 and IE 4.0 on the same computer. 
>      I called Microsoft about this and their solution was to purchase a Jaz  drive, set up with the Win 95 operating system and then install IE 4.
>      Whenever I want to test using IE 4, I would need to boot the computer from the Jaz drive.


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