TN3270 and Netscape Navigator 4.03

Donald G Richardson drichard at WPI.EDU
Wed Dec 3 10:18:53 EST 1997

Hi.  I am trying to set up QWS3270 (the freeware version) as an application
in Netscape Navigator 4.03 (stand alone version, not part of
Communicator).  I've gone to Edit, Preferences, Applications, URL: TN3270
Protocol, Edit, Browse, and installed qws3270.exe and added %1 at the end
so that my application line looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\Qws3270\qws3270.exe" %1

When I select a tn3270 link, qws starts up, but doesn't connect to the remote 
host.  Instead, I get a message like this:

	Valid name, no data record for type
	Can't get "tn3270://" host entry
	Connection failed

(I'm not picking on  It's just the last one that I tried.)

I have QVT Term 4.1.2 set up to handle the URL:telnet protocol, and that
works fine with this on the application line:

"C:\Program Files\QPC\QvtNet\bin\term.exe" %1

I know that this topic has been discussed on the list previously and
I've read many of the messages in the list archives.  They were helpful,
but I still can't get qws3270 to work with Navigator 4.03.  It works fine
with Navigator 3.0 though.  

Thanks in advance for any help.

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                 WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
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