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     I am sorry to be responding to this message a little late, however, 
     Ii wanted to let you know what Microsoft said.
     You can not run both IE 3.0 and IE 4.0 on the same computer. I am a 
     web developer and like to keep a variety of browsers on my machine so 
     that I can see what our pages will look like under varying conditions 
     and various browsers.
     I called Microsoft about this and their solution was to purchase a Jaz 
     drive, set up with the Win 95 operating system and then install IE 4.  
     Whenever I want to test using IE 4, I would need to boot the computer 
     from the Jaz drive.
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Subject: Re: Browser usage -Reply
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Date:    11/17/97 7:34 PM
Vladislav S. Davidzon wrote:
To remove IE4 however, under NT4 or Win95 just go 
into control panel, add remove programs and select 
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and click remove, 
then download and install IE3...
I don't want to remove IE 4.0.  Do you know if I can 
keep both versions like I do with Netscape?  When I 
installed IE 4.0, it slightly changed how Windows 95 
operates (not only desktop).  I'm sure I'll have to 
face lots of questions I don't know which way to 
answer when I reinstall older version.  I could do 
what you suggested, and reinstall 4.0 later IF IE 
allows you to keep both versions.  Since I don't have
lots of time and patience, I'll probably just wait till 
the company upgrades the voice e-mail I purchased.
Chizuko Kawamoto
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