The Internet on EVERYBODY's TV

Thom Gillespie thom at
Sun Nov 3 18:37:58 EST 1996

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, C. W. Tazewell wrote:

>      Note the forwarded message, below.  It's a little late to begin
> setting up digital libraries, but:
>      COMMENT:  The typical user will be confused and frustrated with
> the complexity of the Internet.  Local community/regional/metropolitan
> digital libraries are absolutely essential for the TV/INTERNET UNIT to
> be useful!!!   The Internet must be adapted to the average Joe when
> the general public gets aboard.
>      It's gotta be easy, simple and convenient for Jack and Jill and
> Little Joey.

I was in Sears last night looking for pants and saw the webTV there and 
it sure looked hot. Being hooked up to a 26" screen does help to change 
the viewing patterns. The interface wasn't too bad. Would be interesting 
to user test it with complete novices.


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