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     Note the forwarded message, below.  It's a little late to begin
setting up digital libraries, but:
     COMMENT:  The typical user will be confused and frustrated with
the complexity of the Internet.  Local community/regional/metropolitan
digital libraries are absolutely essential for the TV/INTERNET UNIT to
be useful!!!   The Internet must be adapted to the average Joe when
the general public gets aboard.
     It's gotta be easy, simple and convenient for Jack and Jill and
Little Joey.
     For more info - see:                   

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 The "TV/INTERNET UNIT" is a Set-top Computer which turns your
 television into a PC Computer with full Unlimited Access to the
 Internet for $19.95 per month.  This will be a blockbuster
 product this Christmas season.
 This unit which is the size of a 2 inch thick book is real simple to
 hook up. All that you do is connect a cord to your television, plug
 its electrical power cord to a wall outlet, connect a standard
 telephone line to the back of the unit, then push a start button on
 the remote control unit, the Internet automatically boots up through
 Sprynet onto your television. During boot-up you have the opportunity
 to set your system preferences for the units operation.

 Imagine the applications - How useful would this be for an instructor
 by allowing them to demonstrate the World Wide Web to a whole 
 classroom at one time on a television?  What about putting one in
 your local taverns?  What about for real estate agents wanting to
 access national or local home listings on the Web?  As a tool for
 families to learn to "serf the Web" without a $2000 investment in
 a new computer?  Access the many databased available on the 
 Web for homework, work, hobbies, personal interests, or whatever.
 The unit is manufactured by Mitac Corp. (they make Compaq computers).
 The unit uses exclusive licensed technology from "MSU Limited" and is
 assembled in Britain. The main distribution company has full and
 exclusive rights of marketing and distribution. The corporate office
 is located in Valencia, California.
 Based on the extensive market research for this product the estimated
 demand will be 25-100 million units within the next 12 months.  It is
 by far the best way for a person or family to become introduced
 to the World Wide Web/Internet and email.  It only costs $499 for the
 unit itself plus $19.95 per month for access via SpryNet.  You aren't
 tied into any lengthly lease...cancel it whenever you want.
 The initial unit that is currently being shipped will allow the 
 user to attach a printer.  An upgrade will be available in April,
 1997 that will allow other device like a CD-ROM, external hard drive,
 and other devices to attach to the unit.  It will also upgrade
 the modem from 14.4 to 33.6 bps.  At the time of the upgrade, 
 users will be able to have their old units donated to the public
 school of their choice.
 Additional products are being developed.
    TV/INTERNET UNIT "$499" includes the following:
  - Set-top computer with full access to the Internet
  - Free next generation upgrade of set-top computer
  - Wireless mouse
  - 1st month - unlimited Internet access (19.95) Sprynet
  - optional cordless keyboard $69.95
  - optional enhanced cordless keyboard $99.95
  Note:  The basic difference in the two keyboards is that the $69.95 
  is your "basic" keyboard with a plastic membrane cover on it for 
  spill protection. The enhnaced keyboard is a more "high tech" keyboard, 
  but doesn't have the plastic cover.  The less expensive keyboard is  
  recommended for applications where spills are likely, like families with 
  children or taverns.

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