Netscape problems

Wed Mar 6 17:40:50 EST 1996

Here we go again - I tried sending this before but I don't think
it went through.  Apologies if it's a repeat.

We have Netscape 1.1 loaded on our library machines, both office
and student lab PC's.  We have problems with it *continually*
ceasing to work on all the machines.  It will work fine for a
few minutes and then it will not connect to any site nor load
any new page at all.  It will try, but will sit there with stars
falling for hours if you let it.  Reboot, and it will work fine
for a few more minutes before this happens again.  Using a graphic
intensive site (like Disney's - I'm planning a vacation), it
takes about 10 minutes or so before this happens.

I know Netscape has occasional problems but this seems too regular to 
be a random glich.  Is there something we can do to the cache settings
or anything else that might help? 

DeAnne Luck
Electronic Resources Librarian
Austin Peay State University
LuckDL at

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