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Real Rodrigue Rodrigue.Real at
Wed Mar 6 18:25:52 EST 1996

> Here we go again - I tried sending this before but I don't think
> it went through.  Apologies if it's a repeat.
> We have Netscape 1.1 loaded on our library machines, both office
> and student lab PC's.  We have problems with it *continually*
> ceasing to work on all the machines.  It will work fine for a
> few minutes and then it will not connect to any site nor load
> any new page at all.  It will try, but will sit there with stars
> falling for hours if you let it.  Reboot, and it will work fine
> for a few more minutes before this happens again.  Using a graphic
> intensive site (like Disney's - I'm planning a vacation), it
> takes about 10 minutes or so before this happens.
> I know Netscape has occasional problems but this seems too regular to
> be a random glich.  Is there something we can do to the cache settings
> or anything else that might help?
> Thanks,
> DeAnne Luck
> Electronic Resources Librarian
> Austin Peay State University
> LuckDL at

Have you tried emptying the cache (see Options/Preferences/Network..). 
We had a similar problem, before noting that the cache size had been con 
siderably increased by someone (to over 100 Megs!). A problem also with 
NetScape 1.1 was that the cache did not empty itself: we have to do it 
manually. Fortunately, this problem seems to have been solved with 
NetScape 2.0.

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