summary re: webmaster salaries

Wed Mar 6 17:18:41 EST 1996

I got more requests to summarize to the list than answers in
response to my webmaster salary question.  Here are the two 
answers I did get with actual numbers - if anyone else has more 
information I will still appreciate it.

DeAnne Luck
Electronic Resources Librarian
Austin Peay State University
LuckDL at


I recently saw a position at OHIONET (local OCLC affiliate)
looking for a webmaster with some sysadmin experience and
preferably an MLS.  They were offering mid-20's, but IMO that's
insultingly low.  *Without* the systems administration and
MLS, and without requiring HTML experience, mid- to high-20's
might be reasonable.

OTOH, I would expect a print operation to pay top dollar for
graphic design, and probably proofing as well.



   This may be helpful.

Stats from Web Week, v. 1, issue 7, November 1995

National Annual Salary Range
Less than $25,000   2.5%
$25,000 to 34,999     5.0%
35,000 to 44,999       12.5%
$45,000 to 54,999      17.5%
$55,000 to 64,999        12.5%
over 65,000                    37.5%

Boston Area Salaries

WWW Programmer (CGI/PERL/JAVA/C++)
$60-80K annual                          $100 per hour/freelance

WWW Developer (HTML)
$40-$50 K annual                        $50 per hour/freelance

WWW Art Director (Graphic Design Specialist)
$40-$50 K annual                               $50 per hour/freelance


>A quick question that needs some quick answers (the budget deadline is
>We're writing job descriptions for web managers - one to handle writing/
>proofing/teaching/coordinating, and one for graphic design/photography/
>scripting.  Both will need basic HTML knowledge.  Does anyone have any
>salary ranges for positions like these?  I know we're not going to be
>able to afford experience, so what can college grads expect in these
>sorts of positions?  (These positions are going to be in Public Relations,
>not the library.)
>Any guidelines will be helpful.
>DeAnne Luck
>Electronic Resources Librarian
>Austin Peay State University
>LuckDL at
>Home of the NCAA-bound OVC Champion Govenors AND
>  the NCAA-bound OVC Champion Lady Govs!!!!!!

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