ScreenCam helper setup

Roy Bennett BENNETR at
Tue Mar 5 17:05:33 EST 1996

We use Lotus ScreenCam to create short demos of Netscape actions 
(e.g., how to download Web text).  A Netscape helper application is 
setup to allow in-library users to view the demos from a html page. 
The helper application, Lotus ScreenCam player (scplayer.exe), can be 
distributed free of charge.

I am getting ready to make these demos available on a public Web 
page.  What is the proper helper application designation for 
ScreenCam?  Since the demo files have the extension .scm that is the 
extension I used for the helper application.  I understand that there 
is some organization that standardizes helper designation extensions.  
Am I on sound ground to use .scm for the browser helper application?  
I'm thinking about giving instruction on how to setup the helper app 
and how to download scplayer.exe.  Thanks.

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