Job openings

Janet Kaul jmk at Synopsys.COM
Tue Mar 5 15:44:04 EST 1996

In addition to the job posted below, there's also an opening for
Project Manager of this electronic library. Needs good project management
and people skills as well as web knowledge.

Email me back with interest. The company is Synopsys, located in
beautiful Mountain View, CA.


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Job Title:  . . EC Electronic Library Engineer

Job Description:
Demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills. 
S/he should be capable of writing proposals and papers,
acting as a vendor liaison, and working closely with upper
management.  Needed are abilities to solve problems quickly
and completely, and to identify tasks requiring automation
and automate them.  A solid understanding of
networking/distributed computing environment concepts
(including principles of routing, client/server programming,
the design of consistent network-wide file system layouts)
will also be needed.  S/he should also have experience in
programming in an administrative language (Tk, Perl, C-shell,
Bourne shell, etc.), as well as writing C programs and
porting C programs from one platform to another.  A strong
sense of responsibility and professionalism is required,
as well as enthusiasm for communication, client contact,
and customer satisfaction.  Experience:  At least one year
managing a WWW site is required.  Experience as a UNIX system
administrator is desirable.  Software development experience,
preferably including development of applications for network
technologies.  technical understanding of Internet based
Information Systems, including such technologies as the World
Wide Web,  Gopher, text indexing and searching,
and FTP is highly desirable.  Programming experience with the
following: C, C++, shell scripts (sh, csh),
Perl.  Understanding of HTTP/HTML and TCP/IP.  Knowledge of
3d-party Internet vendors & tools desired.  Education:  BS in
CS/EE or equivalent experience.

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