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Ernest Perez perez at opac.osl.state.or.us
Tue Mar 5 18:20:44 EST 1996


The "Make Connections" OLA/PLS Preconference Web page is at:
It's filled with links related to library and community networking
efforts, and associated topics.

"Make Connections" is a preconference at the joint meeting of the
Public Library Association and the Oregon Library Association, in
Portland OR.  This preconference meeting is on March 26, 1996, from 9
a.m. to 4 p.m.  The meeting is cosponsored by the Oregon State Library,
Apple Computers, Inc., and the Oregon Library Association.

"Make Connections" will focus on the role of public libraries in
community networking.  There's lots of experienced people, with tales
of successes, for sure some "How I done it good" anecdotes, and a lot
of "How we coulda done it better" reflections.

The event is hosted by Steve Cisler, of Apple Computers, Inc., and a
popular LJ columnist. Speakers include: Ann Bishop, Univ. of Illinois;
Andrew Blau, Benton Foundation; Doug Schuler, Seattle Community
Network; and Frank Odasz, Big Sky Telegraph (Montana).

The Web page will be available on World Wide Web terminals on the
conference exhibit floor.  However, it's up for your explorations right
now...so you may want to check it out before the conference....


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Oregon State Library
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