Web4Lib Archive now searchable

Roy Tennant rtennant at library.berkeley.edu
Tue Mar 5 15:09:29 EST 1996

I am very pleased to announce that we are now offering searching of
the Web4Lib archive. Besides being able to search a year's worth of
Web4Lib messages (over 3,300 messages) by keyword, you can also 
limit your search to message subject lines. In putting this up, I
decided to split off the archive into a separate page, which is
available from the Web4Lib page or directly at:


New messages are added to the database every day, in the middle of the 
night California time. Therefore, the database should never be more than 
24 hours old.

I would like to thank the following individuals who made this possible:
Janet Garey and Campbell Crabtree at UC Berkeley, and John Millard at
Miami University in Ohio. We spent a bit of time making it work (and look
and feel) the way we wanted, and I hope that you will find it as useful 
as I already have. 

Those of you who wish to add Web4Lib archive searching to your own 
pages may do so by copying and pasting the HTML fragment provided below
in  your page. Thanks,
Roy Tennant
Web4Lib Owner

<FORM ACTION="http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/searchweb4lib" method=post>
<TR><TD><INPUT NAME="query" SIZE=40><INPUT NAME=results TYPE= hidden 
<TD><INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME=search_tags VALUE="h" CHECKED>Search only 
message subjects.</TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Start Search"></TD>

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