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Jon Knight J.P.Knight at
Sun Dec 3 09:23:10 EST 1995

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Jose Perez-Carballo wrote:
> Well, I am getting tired of the "techie" slurs my colleagues (mostly
> librarians and information scientists (you've heard of those, haven't
> you?)) feel free to throw at me.  Like the racial slurs, the "techie"
> slur reveals fear (if not hatred) and distrust.  Cute as it sounds,
> when one of my colleagues calls me "techie" it sounds as affectionate
> as a cute racial slur.

Yeah?  I sort of like being called a techie.  The name comes along with 
certain expectations such as you'll love playing with neat electronic 
toys, doing wacky programming, wearing odd clothes and eating doughnuts 
in the systems unit in the library.  Anyone should feel free to call me a 
techie - I don't think of it as a slur at all.

Jon (attempting to stem possible PC overtones to the term techie...)

Jon Knight, Researcher, Sysop and General Dogsbody, Department of Computer
Studies, Loughborough University of Technology, Leics., ENGLAND.  LE11 3TU.
* I've found I now dream in Perl.  More worryingly, I enjoy those dreams. *

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