Call for Editors

Paula MacKinnon pmackinn at
Wed Dec 6 10:18:28 EST 1995

Attn: Uncommon Librarians and Others

I am issuing a call for Forum Editors for our "True North" WWW Navigation site:

The site has just seen its initial restructuring and the next step is to assign 
Editors for each of the subject "Forums".  The Editors will be responsible for 
rating, critiquing, and otherwise commenting on existing infosources in their 
particular category.  The requirements obviously (or is it just obvious to me) 
lean toward librarians and other information professionals who are interested, 
not to mention adept, in all matters Web.  

The Forums, or Subject Categories include:

           Health | Leisure | Science | Sports | Media | Arts | Computers | Education | Politics | 
             Law | Entertainment | Humanities | Reference | Children 

If you are reading this (and you are), and you have a certian "je ne sais quoi" 
in one of the above categories, and are interested in making the Web, and the 
Internet at large, a better place to be, and wouldn't mind a little fame and a 
sprinkling of fortune (give or take), please drop me a line at:

Paula.MacKinnon at

A few astericks: 

- iSTAR internet inc is Canada's "oldest and largest" national internet 
provider.  For more info see:
- TrueNorth will eventually be closed to users outside the iSTAR family, due to 
the addition of a number of value-added info services (not the least of which 
will be your growing number of infosource reviews)
- Biographical information will be provided for each Editor so that patrons can 
have a sense of who is reviewing the information and their qualifications to 
that end.
- A powerful search engine and database will be added to TrueNorth allowing 
patrons to keyword search the Web.

I look forward to hearing from, and potentially working with you.

  Paula MacKinnon, MLIS      *      Internet Librarian
  iSTAR internet inc.        * the stars
  Fax: (613)780-6666         *             ----
  Tel: (613)780-2200         * Editor-in-Cheif, True North         
  Paula.MacKinnon at   *

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