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Wed Dec 6 11:22:08 EST 1995

I have just visited this site and it is very interesting.  You are asked to take
a test which makes use of various HTML tags and asks you how your browser
handles it.  The results are available on the site, so you get a pretty
accurate idea of which browsers are supporting which tags.  Since it
is a survey, many browsers are tested.  This is a great site for anyone who
designs web pages.

-Marian Hank

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>Hi folks,
>Since joining this list, I've seen a lot of questions about how different
>browsers handle various HTML statements.
>The best place to find out is the BrowserCaps site at:
>BrowserCaps has a test suite that determines how different features are
>handled by each browser.  The results are available to all, sorted either by
>browser type or feature.  Dozens of browsers are listed, with separate
>entries for different versions and platforms.  Browser ID strings are also
>BrowserCaps is an open-ended test suite; if the feature you are interested
>in isn't being tested, there is a mechanism to add your own test to the suite.
>While you're there, be sure to run your own browser through the suite to add
>to the database (takes about 5 minutes).  Especially if you have something
>new or bizarre. <g>
>On a related topic, a good tutorial on detecting browser type, along with
>free source code, is available at:
>Bill Dortch
>hIdaho Design

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