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Hi Shannon,

WordPress is based on PHP, so I'm surprised your IT is okay with that 
for the university website but not with Drupal for your library website. 
Plus, you don't really need any PHP skills to build a Drupal site using 
existing modules.


I've used Bootstrap as a responsive CSS framework. It's versatile, and 
their documentation is good (

For simple HTML and CSS editing, I like the free Notepad++ 

For an IDE that is capable of managing all the files of a project, from 
Javascript and PHP to HTML and CSS, the also free NetBeans is my choice 

I hope this helps.


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On 9/28/2015 4:53 PM, Shannon E. Fox wrote:
> A year later we still have not solved our dilemma of what to do for the
> next iteration of our academic library website. If we migrate to the
> college website WordPress-based CMS, we lose functionality that we
> prefer to keep. Hosting solutions are too expensive for our tight
> budget. We prefer not to rent Dreamweaver from Adobe Cloud. I began
> looking at open source solutions besides Drupal and similar ones that
> require technology our IT department is unwilling to support (PHP,
>, etc.) on the webserver they host for us (java is okay on it
>   but not in the WordPress CMS). I see that there are numerous open
> source and low-cost alternatives and the selection is overwhelming. Has
> anyone on this list employed a low cost html editor or responsive design
> software package to create/maintain an academic library website? I have
> an old version of Dreamweaver that is becoming “glitchy” and I prefer to
> redesign our website with modern coding and responsive design.
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