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Alvare, Luz Marina (IFPRI) l.alvare at CGIAR.ORG
Tue Oct 27 13:03:19 EDT 2015

We are seeking your help.  The Library and Knowledge Management Unit at IFPRI is responsible for the Intranet and we are looking for an intranet expert who is platform agnostic to guide us through 1) defining goals and objectives; 2) Determine the content to be included; 3) Define the structure; 4) Identify the best platform that meets IFPRI's needs.  Please let me know if you have any recommendations or contacts that might be interested.

Have you gone through this process for your organization?  If you are also responsible for the intranet of an organization will mind to contact me?  I will like to see what areas I should keep in mind to do so and what services should be the best to maintain and focus on.

Thank you for helping out on this.

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