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Tue Oct 6 12:27:17 EDT 2015

De-cloaking to ask the collective a question.

We have many, many Springshare Campus Guides: about 676! Our guides live at :

We just migrated to Version 2 this summer. However, many of our folks are starting to put more and more content on "guides" that we feel don't belong on a guide, but should reside on our main website. ( The concern is inconsistent navigation (from the main website, but also from one guide to another), incorrect information (url's not updated, etc...), and just plain lousy layout.

So- as we begin this holy war discussion ( there is discussion here as to whether the web group (which sets policies and standards for the web SITE), should even be able to set standards on our Guides pages as some feel it is interfering with their faculty right of "freedom of speech". Others use their guides as 'publishing' for tenure requirements and feel no one should be telling them how to present the info.) I wonder-:

Do you have policies/standards covering campus guides? Are these different than the rest of your web content? Is there a separate group?

Any examples of guidelines or standards, as well as words of wisdom would be appreciated



Lisa Haitz
Web Developer
Interim- Chair- Web Management Group
University of Cincinnati Libraries


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