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Making Maker Spaces Programming

Approved for 12 LEU (Indiana)

All Library Staff and Teachers Welcome

Enroll Today @

See some of the best examples of maker spaces and how to create STEM and
STEAM programming.

This timely workshop presents how to set up advice, practical idea
suggestions, and resources for creating art, science, career awareness, and
hands on collaboration and learning into your neighborhood or school
There is a kind of revolution going on in library programming.  Whether you
call them Maker,  Community, or Hacker Spaces, these DIY working areas in
libraries have become a popular meeting and creative program space for
patrons of all ages.

Much more than a make it and take it the Maker Space provides the tools,
instruction, and company of others that inspire and enable creative
making.  The programs are most popular with teens and young adults but can
include all ages.  Lego programming for young children for example is a
popular activity for this age group Maker.

Maker program participant activities range from learning Fine Art Painting
skills to creating Ancient Astronomical Instruments and everything in
between. Co-creaters and subject experts may collaborate to build robots, a
new business, 3-D graphic T-shirts,  or bicycle sculpture. It's not just
primarily physical  doing that happens at the Maker Space.  Teens Maker
workshops can include poetry making, writing workshops, language coding and
other intellectual pursuits.

Participants will receive excellent resources that they can begin using
immediately to plan and present a Maker-station and Space program of their

*Online Workshop 12 hours Overall *
*Enroll today at
Unit 1-This week we will explore the definition of MakerSpace. We will look
at specific examples in various libraries and begin to learn how to create
one yourself in your own library.
Unit 2-Week 2 we will continue to look at techniques for creating a
maker-station, tools and supplies you will need and how to locate materials
and experts to facilitate programming. Safety issues will also be
addressed.  Designing space.  What skills do participants learn?
Unit 3-The best of Makerspace Programming ideas. This week we will look at
libraries that have been successful in creating effective workspace
programming in their libraries. What do they know, that will help you?
Unit 4-Sorting programs using Age, Interest, and Budget as a factor. Create
a MakerSpace program proposal


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