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I am not sure our library has a definition of a successful web-based
research guide.  Libguides has a way to view statistics on how many times a
guide was accessed, but that is not a good comparison across guides.  The
count for a  particular subject guide can vary depending on how many
classes there are in a subject, how many students, etc., and it does not
show how many of the links in the guide are actually clicked.  Sometimes
only a small portion of the information in all the links and videos and
tabs are actually used by students.  And of course, none of that indicates
how helpful the guide ultimately is as opposed to how many simply clicked a
link to see what it was.

Most of our online research guides are created by the librarian who is the
subject liaison to that area.

Laura Baker

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> In case you’re not already on the Code4Lib listserv, there’s a great
> discussion on the need for developing library community web standards/best
> practices that came up from the questions people had around the creation of
> libguides.
> Which led me to ask (so forgive my cross-posting here) can anyone share
> what their library uses as metrics for success / key performance indicators
> in LibGuides (or non-libguides-based digital research guides)? Also, on
> what basis are libguides created at your organization – do you compare the
> curriculum to existing guides / use the subject liaison program as a basis
> for their creation, Google analytics, or what?
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