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Lise Brin brinmobile at GMAIL.COM
Wed May 14 13:21:49 EDT 2014

Some of our faculty members have reported that they dislike the wording we
have on our Link Resolver icon: "Get it @ X" (X stands for Xavier, short
for our institutional name). To them, seeing "Get it" below an article
conveys that they *will* be able to access this article, not that they will
have to *check* the resolver to see whether we have a subscription that
includes it.

I am therefore looking at alternate wordings. I see that quite a few
institutions use "Find It" (which doesn't seem like much of an improvement)
while others are using "Check for full text" which seems better, but is
rather long, especially since most vendors only allow space for a *tiny*

Have any of you made changes along these lines? Did you do any user testing
to assess how different wordings were being understood, and if so, did you
learn anything useful?

All the best,
Lise Brin
Emerging Services & Outreach Librarian
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS


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