The Use of Social Media in the Library- Findings from the Twitter Party

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Apologies for cross posting.

Dear all,

Happy Social Media Day!

Coinciding with social media day (#smday), we thought you might be interested to learn more about our findings from our Twitter party on the use of social media in the library. We have created a 'Story'  via Storify of our Twitter Party:

Thank you to all those who joined us to share thoughts on:

*         The challenges and opportunities social media presents to the library community

*         Social media as a teaching tool - the role social media plays in information literacy

*         User engagement & perception of using social media in the library

*         Accessibility- how Social Networking Sites are being promoted in the library

*         Measurability - the impact of social media

There were lots of useful and practical tips on using social media in the library that were mentioned at the party that we have scheduled for release once every hour today on #smday via @librarylantern so we hope you find these helpful.

We will  be consolidating our findings from the Twitter party, various focus groups and an online survey to inform our White Paper on the use of social media in the library. For more information about the White Paper, visit:

If you are interested in getting involved with the research, we would love to hear from you.


Best wishes

Aalia Oosman
Communications Manager Library & Media Relations
Taylor & Francis Group
Email: aalia.oosman at


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