LibGuides search function for updating content?

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You might want to ask Springshare support directly to see if they have a solution for looking for code.  They have fixed something like this for me in the past.

  Going forward, you might want to create a master box with your code / widget / link in it and then always COPY that box into new guides.   This saves you then going forward to change EVERY single box.  You just change the master and all other copied boxes get updated automatically.     I did that with the worldcat search box originally and then we don't have to go find it again.  :)
 And are you on version 1 or version 2 of LibGuides?  In the new version, they now have asset lists.  Makes keeping track of all your links SOO MUCH easier!

  Hope those suggestions help.

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Does anyone have a good way of searching LibGuides for finding content that needs to be updated?  We know about the search and replace function, but that works best for direct 1-to-1 changes.  This does not always work for us.  For example, we need to find every guide that has the old WorldCat Local search box code, in order to replace it with our new WorldCat Discovery search box code.  It is not going to be a simple search and replace job.  Another example would be when we phase out a particular service; we simply want to find the guides that feature that service and delete the content, not replace it with anything.

I am experimenting with Google's Advanced Search and limiting to our LibGuides site.  But I fear this is not necessarily exhaustive, and I do not think this would work for finding snippets of code on the back-end.

How do you stay on top of changes to LibGuide content?

Thank you.

Mary Brunelle
Assumption College

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