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So far all the uses mentioned seem to be for identifying the user's
institution and setting up the right link resolver. Also there was an
announcement about a linkup with Wikipedia that seemed to me (not sure)to
be along the same lines for libraries not on worldcat discovery services.

None of them seem to involve directly authenticating users to resources. Is
this by design?


On Feb 14, 2014, at 11:22 PM, Andrew Welch <andrew.welch at> wrote:

  Yes, yes and yes. Our IT department added a significant number of IPs (in
a single range) last February, and we're still struggling with vendors not
making the change (or making it incorrectly).



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We're facing the need to communicate a significant change to our on-campus
IP ranges to thousands of vendors. It's not going to be pretty. While I
know this round of changes are going to be manual, I'd love to see vendors
take up the OCLC Registry as their preferred (or even optional) source of

So -- do other libraries have the same pain point and need?



Ken Varnum | Web Systems Manager | MLibrary - University of Michigan - Ann

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On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 7:29 PM, Peter Murray <peter.murray at>

Not a vendor or a campus user, but I've long thought that the WorldCat
institution registry was a hidden gem of OCLC's public services to the
library community.  As far as I can recall the origins, it lists /all/
libraries whether they are members of OCLC or not (using data complied from
various national sources).  It seems like a shame that the whole issue of
campus IP address maintenance can't simply be swept up into
machine-to-machine API calls by content publishers to the institution

We've talked within LYRASIS about using the registry for various projects
that ultimately didn't come to fruition, and I had discussions years ago
with folks within OCLC about using the registry for the purpose of
simplifying IP address range maintenance, and they seemed quite interested
in the use of the registry for that purpose.


On Feb 12, 2014, at 2:24 PM, Ken Varnum <varnum at UMICH.EDU> wrote:

 As the lucky guy who maintains our library's entries in OCLC's WorldCat
Registry [], I've assiduously
maintained data points like our campus IP addresses over the years. Yet
I've not come across a library vendor (database, full-text, etc.) who
actually makes use of it to maintain on-campus IP ranges for our
institution. It seems a promising and useful tool that has largely gone

Am I simply not asking the right vendors the right questions? Anyone out
there have vendors that use the Registry as the source of campus IP data
for access?

Peter Murray
Assistant Director, Technology Services Development
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