How is your public library's web team structured?

Aaron Waller awaller at MYMCPL.ORG
Thu Aug 28 15:48:41 EDT 2014

My organization is planning to hire additional staff to meet a rising demand for web-based projects.  We are exploring different ways of delegating the work load.

I'm just curious, how other public library systems have structured their "Web" departments.  How many on staff; Job titles; specialties; management structure, etc.  Also, what percentage of your projects do you outsource vs developing in-house?

For comparison, please include in your response:

1. The size of your organization.

2. A general idea of the scope of your website(s) functionality.

2. The size of your user base.

3. The volume of traffic your web projects experience.

4. The amount of new development vs. maintenance of existing projects

Thanks in advance,

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