Simplest Wordpress alike framework or tool?

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at ICSMX.COM
Mon Apr 28 00:35:06 EDT 2014

Hello all.

I was wondering if you could share your thoughts about the following.

Let's assume The following.

That we already have a site running using Wordpress. A nice template 
we get with some plug ins. Banner rotating, security, edit, seo, 
simple ones I guess. It worked fine but with the grow of the web page 
we are facing a problem since the ajax in the ads (used by the plug 
in), the too much javascript on the page with the plug ins and the 
one used by the theme and with more visitors the page is getting 
daily ,now the site consumes, according to the isp we use, LOT of 
resources , more than the resources allowed by the isp on the level 
of account we have as a shared service. So we have to move to another 
level of service and use VPS virtual service or the smallest of a 
dedicated one. With the stats we have of the site, we can confirm the 
use of resources and yes, it is not normal, the iste s not hacked , 
everything works fine, just at times the overload is very big and 
that is creating the problem.

I know there are options for hosting companies specialized on 
Wordpress and even Wordpress itself offers VIP services. We know 
those services exist and we are evaluating what we could afford it. 
We know that we can also do load balancing maybe with some tools, or 
even simple dns services.

When talking about the consumption of resources with some of the 
collages we were talking about doing something strange maybe, and 
here is when I ask for your comments.

Our needs:

- Being able to update easily as with Wordpress, different levels of 
user, several users, restrict sections. All like Wordpress does.

- Being able to have responsive web pages that detect movile devices 
or desktop and adjust to different resolutions (like our theme does 
it under Wordpress)

that's all.

(yes we know drupal, joomla, and others could do the job also but we 
believe that at the end we would be finishing with the same load on the server)

So we were thinking that maybe could be possible to construct 
all  using a tool that give us as a result simple html pages, that 
emulates, the best it could , the look and feel of a  complex 
Wordpress site. Yes, we know that could be lot of static web pages. 
In fact using a tool for editing HTML we could emulate the look and 
feel now. Besides our page it won't change frequently on menus, 
sections, etc but it will grow in content.

Do you know tools that we can explore that allows to do that? In a 
framework or package ,open source or commercial? that acts like 
wordpress BUT that constructs simple and fast web pages , like plain 
HTML and do not abuse of Javascript , Ajax, etc and does not consume 
too many resources? Even that works on a lan and not online could 
work even when that means to FTP the changes every time. Yes, it 
sounds stupid maybe but we can explore possibilities. Yes, not too 
fancy and elegant like wordpress but with the same results using 
static web pages?

I know this could be solved with money , getting a cheap dedicated 
service for $150-350 USD per month. Or contracting shared service 
with a professional Wordpress service provider but issue is that this 
project will involve at the end several web sites of non profit 
institutions with very few financial resources. So if we can give 
them functionality like Wordpress in their old equipment and low 
bandwidth they could get it would be great. NO way to get extra 
resources , for now, since this is for institutions in Mexico and 
Central America.

Any comments are welcomed maybe off-line if the subject is of not 
interest on the list.

Thanks for the time and I am sorry for the long email.

Jorge Biquez


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