DCMI/ASIS&T Joint Webinar: "How to pick the low hanging fruits of Linked Data"

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*DCMI/ASIS&T Joint Webinar*

*:: Title:* *"How to pick the low hanging fruits of Linked Data"*
*:: Presenters:* Seth van Hooland & Ruben Verborgh
*::* *Date:* Wednesday, 21 May 2014
*::* *Time:* 10:00am EDT (World Clock: 14:00 UTC http://bit.ly/1qLSeq1)
*::* *Registration:*


The concept of Linked Data has gained momentum over the past few years, but
the understanding and the application of its principles often remain
problematic. This webinar offers a short critical introduction to Linked
Data by positioning this approach within the global evolution of data
modeling, allowing an understanding of the advantages but also of the
limits of RDF. After this conceptual introduction, the fundamental
importance of data quality in the context of Linked Data is underlined by
applying data profiling techniques with the help of OpenRefine. Methods and
tools for metadata reconciliation and enrichment, such as Named-Entity
Recognition (NER), are illustrated with the help of the same software. This
webinar will refer to case-studies with real-life data which can be re-used
by participants to continue to explore OpenRefine at their own pace after
the webinar. The case-studies have been developed in the context of the
handbook "Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and Museums", which will be
published by Facet Publishing in June 2014 (


*Seth van Hooland* is an assistant professor at the Université libre de
Bruxelles (ULB), where he leads the Master in Information Science. After a
career in the private sector for a digitization company, he obtained his
PhD in information science at ULB in 2009. He is currently teaching a
special course on linked data at the Information School of the University
of Washington. He is also active as a consultant for both public and
private organizations.

*Ruben Verborgh* is a researcher in semantic hypermedia at Ghent University
- iMinds, Belgium, where he obtained his PhD in computer science in 2014.
He explores the connection between semantic web technologies and the web's
architectural properties, with the ultimate goal of building more
intelligent clients. Along the way, he has become fascinated by linked
data, REST/hypermedia, web APIs and related technologies. He is the
co-author of a book on OpenRefine and several publications on web-related
topics in international journals.

*For more information and to register, visit the event webpage:*


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