HELIG/ARL Webinar on "Agile Management" with Andrew Wells (Univ of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)

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Dear Colleagues

LIASA HELIG<http://www.liasa.org.za/node/126> (SA) in collaboration with the Academic and Research Libraries <http://www.ifla.org/academic-and-research-libraries/standing-committee> (Standing Committee of IFLA) would like to invite you to an online presentation on agile management and how it has been used to achieve improvements and customer satisfaction at the library of the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia). In the current technological age where libraries are investing significant resources, including human resources, to meet the challenges for new roles and responsibilities, this webinar presents one of many interventions.  The webinar is aimed at librarians and library managers wishing to fully embrace the digital transition in order to enable innovation in space and other opportunities to experiment.

About the presenter
Andrew Wells is the University Librarian at The University of New South Wales.  Over the years Andrew has overseen major changes to the University Library’s services, organisation and buildings.  He has taken a strong interest in improving facilities and steering the Library through a period of rapid changes in scholarly information. Andrew has held senior positions in several major Australian libraries.  Prior to joining UNSW, Andrew was the Assistant Director General, Resource Sharing Division at the National Library of Australia (1996-2001).  At the State Library of New South Wales, he occupied senior positions in a variety of roles, building on major periods of service at the University of Queensland Library, Macquarie University Library and a previous stint at UNSW Library from 1982 to 1986.
About the webinar

Date: 22 April 2014
Time: 08:30 – 09:30 SA Time (Time Zone Converter<http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html>)
Venue: Virtual (will be confirmed when registering)
Registration:  Is required. Closes on 20 April 2014 - Click here<http://conferences.sun.ac.za/index.php/liasa/wam/about/editorialPolicies#custom-0> for the registration process.
Costs: No costs

Kind regards
On behalf of HELIG LIASA (SA)<http://www.liasa.org.za/node/126> and the ARL<http://www.ifla.org/academic-and-research-libraries/standing-committee>

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