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Actually, I am asking about public scanning of their personal documents, particularly, personal photos or artwork that would be best scanned at high/archival quality, just as we scan our in-house items for our own preservation purposes.

I believe Cincinnati does archival scanning for a fee, but I'm not sure if the public can take advantage of it as a service.  I can't find info on their website. does not do preservation level scanning, they really specialize in text and content and have lower dpi and resolution than we consider archival.

Thank you for sharing your page, it does help to see what others are doing!


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Do any of your libraries offer digitization/scanning services to the public for pay?

If so:
What do you charge/scan?
Do you offer preservation/archival quality scans?
Do you have a large format scanner (what kind)?
I assume you're talking about scanning materials from your own collections. If not, please clarify on the list.

The Linda Hall Library has image rights and reproduction services for our materials. You can view our FAQ and pricing from our main imaging page at: Our scans are done at publication quality. We have an ATIZ set up with wide angle lenses, and we also have a scan-back camera for oversized originals.


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