Two Questions. Wordpress and ebooks.

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at ICSMX.COM
Fri May 3 08:07:54 EDT 2013

Hello all.

Seems like I am not receiving the messages from the list.

If someone answer about this subject. Could you please send a copy 
off the list to me.?

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Biquez
At 10:54 p.m. 02/05/2013, Jorge Biquez wrote:
>Hello all.
>We have a project to help some libraries in poor schools . We will 
>get them some used computers for internal use and we will provide 
>web hosting with their own domains. We are installing wordpress for 
>them to use it on the hosting we have.
>1) Besides the documentation on the WP website. Can you recommend 
>some material for a "quick immersion" on how to use WP?. Not the so 
>basic stuff. We already got some theme for them and they will be 
>using them and the idea is that they can do the webpages they need, 
>more complex than the ones provided by the theme. That way they can 
>be independent from our support.
>2) Some of the teachers of those schools want to donate their time 
>and do some books so the schools can try to sell them online. Can 
>you share experiences on this? I mean. We know they can use word or 
>any suite office and then convert it to PDF but we are looking for 
>something more professional. The idea is to help them to do all the 
>process required from having the book until publish it on Amazon, 
>Playstore, Apple store and any other we can find. We know that maybe 
>is something that will give no money at all but with help us at all 
>on what they have to learn. From using the correct tools for do the 
>search of the material on the Internet, the tools to write it and 
>from that we all learn on what tools to use to publish it, create 
>the image of it, maybe it is necessary to register it officially? 
>and then do the process to publish it on the market websites. They 
>also will use the WP sites to promote the material.
>We have found some references of people that sells "all the tips and 
>trick to publish ebooks and became millionaire" but they are 
>expensive since our budget is less than zero.
>As always thanks in advance for all your help.
>Jorge Biquez


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