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For those who already know (and we love you! :0) the sxsw panel picker is
open and we need your vote - here's the list of library submissions with

For those who don't yet shift the perceptions of libraries from
a warehouse of books to dynamic places that celebrate ideas, we need to
share library innovations far and wide with diverse audiences in unique
formats. SXSW Interactive <> is a major annual
gathering of thought-leaders and funders – “fostering creative and
professional growth alike, SXSW is the premier destination for discovery.”
(Sounds a lot like the library!)

There are a slew of incredible submissions this year proposed by creative
library and museum professionals. You can help put *libraries, archives,
and museums (LAM) *at the forefront of this ideas-exchange by voting for
LAM presentations in the SXSWi Panel Picker from Aug. 19-Sept. 6, 2013, at  Below is a list of sxswLAM panel proposals
and well as sxswLAM-related panel proposals.  You can also do a search by
keyword in the Panel Picker for “library” or “libraries”and there are
dozens more. If you believe that librarian voices need to be heard, even if
you’re not attending, we need your vote to make it happen at SXSWi 2014.

Again, the handy-dandy list of library, archive and museum proposals is



On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 7:35 AM, Rory Litwin <rlitwin at> wrote:

> Beyond Usability Testing: Other Research Methods
> Instructor: Sonali Mishra
> Dates: September 1-28, 2013
> Credits: 1.5 CEUs
> Price: $175
> This four-week, asynchronous online course will cover a selection of user
> research methods, including user interviews, surveys, observational
> studies, and A/B testing, that can be used to answer different questions
> from usability testing. In this course, you will learn how to design each
> type of study, what kinds of questions it can answer, and what its
> strengths and limitations are. You will learn about good practices when
> interviewing, things to watch out for when creating surveys, and how to set
> up observational studies and A/B tests. As a class, we will discuss how to
> act on your findings.
> This course can be taken as one of six courses needed to earn our
> Certificate in User Experience (UX), but can be taken as a stand-alone
> course as well.
> Sonali Mishra is a User Experience Specialist at the University of
> Michigan Library in Ann Arbor, MI. She plans and conducts user research for
> the library website, specializing in qualitative research methods. She also
> acts as a UX designer for the website, providing expertise in usability,
> strategic planning, and overall user experience.
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> P.O. Box 188784
> Sacramento, CA 95818
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