Problem with Ulrich's Web and EZproxy

Tonyan, Joel jtonyan at NWACC.EDU
Wed Aug 14 00:37:46 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

We recently subscribed to the database Ulrich's Web ( It's not working off-campus with our EZproxy server. Strangely, it works on campus, both through on-campus IP authentication, using the IncludeIP command in EZproxy, and even when simulating off-campus access using the ExcludeIP command. However, when truly off-campus, times out after the user successfully authenticates via our CAS server, which is what EZproxy uses to authenticate users.

Here's the EZproxy entry Serial Solutions gave us:

T Ulrich's Web

I suspect there's something wrong with the EZproxy entry. I found a forum discussion where other people describe the same issue, but none of the alternative EZproxy entries suggested in the thread work:

Is anyone using this database successfully with EZproxy? Any ideas what the problem might be?


Joel Tonyan
Systems Librarian
NWACC Library
jtonyan at


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