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Tue Aug 13 12:50:45 EDT 2013

Just a quick reminder to web4lib subscribers that there fewer than 60 early
bird tickets left for the edUi 2013 conference <>. We
don't have an early bird deadline this year, we just made a set number of
tickets available at $450. Once they're gone the price goes up to $550.

edUi is a conference for web professionals serving colleges, universities,
libraries, and museums. It focuses on user interface design/development but
touches on social media, user experience, and content strategy along the

Hope you decide to join us!


Some sessions either by librarians or of interest to the library community:

Reading, Writing, and Research in the Digital
Exploring User Needs: A Look at the Virginia Historical Society’s Website
Getting ‘Em on Board: Guiding Staff Through Times of
Mobile for Dinosaurs <>
This is How You Do Digital Collections in
A Web Designer’s Guide to Being
Geo-discovery of Library Collections with Google Glass
Designing for Information


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