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Do you want to harness the talent at the Toledo-Lucas Public Library to
break new ground in Virtual Services? Become its first-ever Virtual
Services Coordinator! Your strong technology vision and excellent
communication skills are valued here! Salary range: 70’s to 100’s depending
on experience.

Applications received prior to Aug 23, 2013 will be given first

Apply here:


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*Reports to Library Director*

*General Statement:*

The Virtual Services Coordinator is a new position at the Toledo-Lucas
Libraries.  As well as bringing their own vision, expertise and passion to
the position, the Virtual Services Coordinator will lead the discovery
customer needs from patrons, library staff and others; identify solutions;
and work collaboratively with several library departments to coordinate the
library’s resources (including the IT, Marketing and Technical Services
Departments) to bring leading-edge electronic services to patrons.

*Essential Functions:*

   - Works closely with library director, staff and other stakeholders to
   identify and realize library strategic priorities through virtual services.
   - Discovers and articulates customer needs for virtual services, and
   coordinates appropriate service responses.
   - Provides strategic direction for the library’s virtual services
   efforts and integration of virtual and onsite library services.
   - Performs ongoing evaluation of the library’s digital resources.
   - Works closely and collaboratively with public service, marketing and
   IT department heads to ensure digital content and related tools are
   accessible, functional, and relevant to library users of all ages, skills
   and interests.
   - Works closely and collaboratively with training coordinator to deliver
   timely and effective training to support use of website, intranet and to
   assist library users.  Works collaboratively with the training coordinator
   to create learning opportunities and supporting training materials and
   documentation for staff.
   - Works closely with library administrators to facilitate and coordinate
   efforts, and to maintain awareness of initiatives, requested activities,
   actions and issues.
   - Initiates and coordinates virtual services projects.
   - Initiates evaluation and utilization of existing and new online
   technology and services for the library users and staff.
   - Gathers and analyzes statistics and other data from website, databases
   and services of virtual library.

*Key Skills & Abilities*

   - Excellent leadership skills.
   - Excellent communication skills: oral, written and presentation.
   - Strong project management skills.
   - Strong logistical and coordination abilities.
   - Thorough current and continuing technical expertise and knowledge of
   trends, tools and software pertinent to libraries, websites, social media,
   - Deep commitment to public libraries and customer service.
   - Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with other
   administrative heads for the benefit of the end users, enabling effective
   communication between department heads whose expertise areas differ


Due to the dynamic nature of this position, a variety of educational
disciplines would be of benefit.  A Bachelors, Associates Degree, or
certifications in Computer Sciences, Web Development, User Experience (UX),
Technology Project Management or related fields is desirable.   A
combination of any technical degree with a Masters of Library Science is

*Desirable Background and Experience*

   - Technology project management experience, specifically website
   Well-rounded background in current web technologies.
   - Solid understanding of technical functions of major library systems,
   including the Integrated Library System (ILS), electronic resources (such
   as databases and eContent), library web services, and others.
   - Understanding and enthusiastic application of excellent user
   interfaces and users experiences in an electronic environment development.
   - Experience working collaboratively with diverse staff, partner,
   vendor, customer and other stakeholder groups.
   - Experience working in a library.


Range: $70’s - $100’s.  Negotiable depending on specific candidate
experience, expertise and demonstrated skills.


   - In addition, an exceptional benefits package is provided which
   - Participation in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS).
   The Library pays the employer contribution of 14% of salary, and also pays
   the employee share (10% of salary).
   - Medical and dental insurance
   - Prescription drug plan
   - $48,000 term life insurance policy, free to full-time staff while
   - Paid leave of 35 days per year excluding sick leave:
      - 8 Holidays
      - 3 Personal days
      - Vacation: 7 hours accrue per 2-wk pay period, with cumulative max
      and accrued balance paid at separation
   - Sick leave: 4 hours accrue per 2-wk pay period, with cumulative max
   and % payout at retirement
   - Professional membership fees paid

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