Random & Casual Poll: What abt. Web Services Should You Know?

Michael Schofield mschofield at NOVA.EDU
Mon Sep 10 16:12:20 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,


Every so often in the library blogosophere I see posts dedicated to whether
librarians should know how to code. The answer I usually give is awful -
something like, "Um. Probably." Anyway, since you all work with the web
and/or library systems, I'm curious about your wizened answers. Here's the
scenario: if a LIS student intending to work in web services (or w/e) asked
your advice, what code / platforms / other skills would you recommend for


I'll compile and share the results in a couple of weeks.


All the best,


Michael Schofield(@nova.edu) | Web Services Librarian

Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center


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