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Wondering if design for the TV shouldn't be more like design for mobile,
especially when using input devices like you mention (joystick, etc.)?
Not sure there is a good media query for that type of device.  Have to
look into that.






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I finally pulled down the latest Xbox 360 Update last night which is
packaged with Internet Explorer 9. Sure, there are a lot of internet
ready televisions, but only now when bundled with Kinect can you browse
the web with gestures and voice commands. To be honest, I really enjoyed
surfing from the couch. I could totally do that. Typing URIs with a
joystick and a button leaves a little to be desired, but generally I
thought the interface was pretty fun.


But the web with its textual links and packed screen doesn't feel right
when you're more than 24" away from your monitor. Input is clumsy - a
controller, a remote, sketchy voice commands, or big gestures with your
hands-so I kind of see the wisdom in the modular, Metro look of Windows
8, and I think that's where the web for big screens is going to go
(unless you're controlling it with your phone).


This has me thinking: what do you think the library will be like in your
living room?




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