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Anna Wheeler awheeler at UNITEC.AC.NZ
Sun Oct 14 19:24:57 EDT 2012

Just a quick question. We are helping our institution  find a new Content Management System CMS to manage both their website and intranet. Currently they use Shado
What CMS do you think are worth considering?  
They would like to use system for intranet and website
and it will have ability to integrate discussion forums, polls, feedback forums - with voting eg like uservoice
and it will have some kind of alerting or reporting system to remind us to update information and manage distributed publishers
good analytics, reporting, content re-use, version control etc
Any light shed would be appreciated
many thanks
Anna Wheeler, LLB, DipLibr
Manager, Electronic Library Services
Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand
email: awheeler at
ph:    +64 9 8154321 ext 8601

Private Bag 92025
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


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