Using EHIS with Ektron CMS

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MPOW also uses Ektron (similar version, not sure of exact numbers).

We had to write custom JavaScript to get our search boxes to work as Ektron takes any standard forms data and redirects the results to an Ektron content search form.

Our easiest to implement, but not completely compliant, search form behavior came from embedding an iframe with an external-from-Ektron html page containing the form. Basically if you're running Ektron the best practice seems to be either write a JavaScript-based form or build a custom Ektron from which mimics the EHIS code behavior.


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Subject: [WEB4LIB] Using EHIS with Ektron CMS

Has anyone been able to use EbscoHost Integrated Search (EHIS) within an Ektron Content Management System (CMS)?

I have tried a few tests that have been unsuccessful, and I'm not sure if the CMS is simply not allowing the EHIS code enough control to function, or if a code tweak might allow this tool to function within a CMS.

Our Ektron CMS is, version 8.02 SP3 (build We will be upgrading to a newer version soon, so that might make a difference too.

Thanks for any insight!

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