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FYI > Social Awareness Tools For Science Research

Tamara M. McMahon
University of Kansas Medical Center

James E. Powell, Matthew Hopkins, Daniel A. Alcazar, Laniece E. Miller, and Linn Collins
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Ketan K. Mane
Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)


Tools for social networking and social awareness are developing rapidly and evolving continuously. They are gaining popularity in a growing number of professional as well as personal activities, including scholarly research. There are social awareness tools for science researchers that facilitate collaboration, help manage references, and offer options for presenting findings in new ways. This paper discusses those tools. Evaluating and understanding their functionalities requires effort, and scientists can be reluctant to invest the necessary time to learn to use and populate them on their own. This suggests that an important role for librarians is to evaluate the many social awareness tools available, to recommend the ones that are best suited to each researcher's needs, and to help researchers use those tools effectively.

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