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Ronnie Fields rfields at STANFORD.EDU
Wed Jun 27 14:25:44 EDT 2012

Hello Jess,

I've done some experimenting with Zoho as well.  I love it as a Meebo
replacement...BUT, there are a couple of issues preventing me from
recommending it as a solution (right now): 

1. online/offline status updates
Currently, users have to refresh their browser screen in order to
determine the online/offline status of the person logged into chat. This
can be problematic. Users don't really know if librarians are available
for chat.

2. changing the background window of the chat widget when user not
Currently, when users visit our site and see the chat widget, the window
has a gray background with a smiley face asking for the user to enter
their name.  I've asked Zoho folks if it will be possible to 1)
customize the background of this window to our liking, and 2) not
require users to enter their name in order to chat (especially since
it's already anonymous).

3. Zoho chat in beta!
I would like to know the future plans for Zoho chat.  It's currently in
beta and I'm wondering if the service will remain free.

Other than this, I think Zoho Chat is a great tool.  The desktop and
file sharing functionality is very easy to do for both the admin and the
patron.  I hope they address the first two issues listed above.

Ronnie Fields
User Services Technology Mgr.
Green Library, Stanford University

On 6/22/2012 7:25 AM, Jess Posgate wrote:
> I have been looking for a free, web based IM widget solution to replace
> Meebo for our Toolkit chat support service and am experimenting with Zoho
> Chat. They have a very easy embed option for live chat, but also have Live
> Support and Shoutbox options Theirs is a
> simple interface that allows one-way file sharing, one-click screenshare,
> and other options which make a pretty package for supporting users. My one
> complaint is the inability to customize the alert when a new chat guest
> arrives--right now it's a very loud old-fashioned telephone ring. Give me
> visuals, anytime! I am still exploring and testing, but if anyone has input,
> feedback or a history of using this service, i would be very interested to
> hear about it. 
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