Meebo Me Alternatives

Jess Posgate jposgate at OURDIGITALWORLD.ORG
Fri Jun 22 10:25:30 EDT 2012

I have been looking for a free, web based IM widget solution to replace
Meebo for our Toolkit chat support service and am experimenting with Zoho
Chat. They have a very easy embed option for live chat, but also have Live
Support and Shoutbox options Theirs is a
simple interface that allows one-way file sharing, one-click screenshare,
and other options which make a pretty package for supporting users. My one
complaint is the inability to customize the alert when a new chat guest
arrives--right now it's a very loud old-fashioned telephone ring. Give me
visuals, anytime! I am still exploring and testing, but if anyone has input,
feedback or a history of using this service, i would be very interested to
hear about it. 


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