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Munson, Doris dmunson at EWU.EDU
Mon Jul 23 13:11:25 EDT 2012

1.      How many laptops do you have for this program? 200

2.      How often do you upgrade the hardware?  Laptops are replaced when they are four years old.

3.       Did you get ride of some old laptops?  Laptops older than four years are surplussed to the IT department.

4.      What's security method you are using?  We have security cameras that monitor the service desk 24/7.  An inventory of all equipment is done daily.  If something is missing, the university police review the security tapes to see who might have taken the equipment.  We haven't had anything stolen from the service area since we put this in place four years ago.  Needless to say, we're very happy with our system given that we also manage 30 digital projectors, 30 camcorders, and 30 digital cameras.  (Checked out equipment has been stolen from students.)
Doris Munson
Systems/Reference Librarian
Eastern Washington University
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