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The university has an implied license to publish the articles.  When a
student submits the article to the newspaper to publish, they give
permission to publish it.  It is extremely unlikely that anything in those
papers was obtained without the author knowing that it would go into the
paper or even without the author intending for it to go into the paper and
be published with the paper.

The newspaper is part of the university, same as the library, so you have
permission to duplicate these because you are with the same entity.


On Wed, Jul 11, 2012 at 10:04 AM, Ken Irwin <kirwin at> wrote:

>  Hi all,****
> ** **
> I work at a university library, and we’re investigating the possibility of
> scanning the entire run of our student newspaper (outsourcing the job, not
> doing it ourselves). ****
> For those of you who have done similar projects, I would be interested in
> know how you determined the legality of doing so. With thousands of authors
> over the last century, none of whom signed contracts, license agreements,
> etc of any sort, I wonder how universities decide how copyright plays into
> all of this.****
> ** **
> I am, of course, not looking for legal advice – I’m just wondering what
> sorts of issues you considered, who you talked to on campus, etc. ****
> ** **
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Ken > PS – I think there was a web4lib discussion of some of this many
> years ago, but it appears the archives only go back to 2011 – what happened
> there? I must be out of the loop…****
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