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William Stein guillermost2003 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jul 6 07:47:43 EDT 2012

    Our library is considering adding a new position and we are unsure what the title of the position should be. I thought I would query the list to see if the proposed position corresponds to any already existing job descriptions. Here is a summary of the proposed duties:
    "The position is responsible for orchestrating a unified, library-wide approach to delivery of digital library collections, programs, and services. Oversees, coordinates, and evaluates the library's delivery of digital collections, programs, and services." 

    We do not have an IT person on our staff. Those duties are contracted. Our system consists of a Main library with four branches.
    I note that there was an advertisement for an "Electronic Resources Librarians" posted recently which looks similar to what we are proposing. Any other suggestions?
Many Thanks,
    Will Stein, Reference Librarian
    Washington County Public Library
    Abingdon, Va.


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