CFP : 1st Workshop on Rights and Duties of Autonomous Agents (RDA2) at ECAI 2012

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Call for Papers
"Rights and Duties of Autonomous Agents''
Workshop at ECAI 2012

August 27 or 28, 2012

Montpellier, France


The autonomous decision capability embedded in software or robot agents 
is one of the major issues of Artificial Intelligence. It is a core 
property for AI applications such as e-commerce, serious games, ambient 
computing, social or collective robotics, companion robots, unmanned 

Autonomous agents decide and act in a given context or environment and 
under domain constraints, and possibly interact with other agents or 
human beings e.g. to share tasks or to execute tasks on behalf of 
others. It is thus important to define regulation and control mechanisms 
to ensure sound and consistent behaviours both at the agent’s individual 
level and at the multi-agent level. Organisation models, conversation 
policies, normative systems, constraints, logical frameworks address the 
problem of how agents’ autonomous behaviours should be controlled, 
paving the way for formal or pragmatic definitions of agents’ Rights and 
Duties. The issue is all the more important as autonomous agents may 
encounter new situations, evolve in open environments, interact with 
agents based on different design principles, act on behalf of human 
beings and share common resources. For instance: should an autonomous 
agent take over the control from a human operator? under which 

The aim of this workshop is to promote discussions and exchanges on the 
different issues raised by autonomous agents’ Rights and Duties and 
models that can be proposed to represent and reason on Rights and Duties.


We encourage contributions from the following research and application 
• Autonomous agents and privacy protection
• Rights and duties for learning agents
• Authority sharing between autonomous agents and human users or operators
• Rights and duties of autonomous agents towards other agents; towards 
human users or operators
• Rights and duties of human users or operators towards autonomous 
agents (especially robots)
• Consistency, conflicts among rights and duties in multi-agent and 
human/agent systems
• Mutual intelligibility, explanations
• Rights and duties vs failures
• Rights and duties of autonomous agents and ethical issues
• Control of autonomous agents within organisations, institutions, 
normative systems
• Sociology and law in the modelling of rights and duties: authority, 
power, dependence, penalty, contracts
• Trust and reputation for autonomous agents regulation
• Emergence and evolution of rights and duties
• Knowledge representation and models for rights and duties
• Reasoning on rights and duties
• Validation of rights and duties in autonomous agents


June 1st 2012: workshop paper submission deadline
June 28th 2012: notification to authors
July 9th 2012: camera ready copy submission
August 27 or 28, 2012: workshop date


Papers must not exceed SIX (6) pages in pdf format, using the ECAI 
formatting style:
Submissions are via EasyChair at:

The workshop proceedings will be published as CEUR proceedings.
In addition, the organizers will apply for a special issue of an 
international journal where extended versions of selected papers of the 
workshop shall be published.

For further information on the workshop:

Grégory Bonnet
Assistant Professor (MAD Team - GREYC)


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