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Cox, Thomas Thomas.Cox at TUFTS.EDU
Fri Feb 17 14:30:52 EST 2012

Hello Colleagues,

The Tufts University Libraries have compiled a task force to survey the landscape of next generation discovery solutions (both vendor and open source) and weigh existing strategies against our requirements.  As part of this process, I'm looking to garner insight into successful support models for next gen discovery systems.  If your library (or library system) is maintaining a next generation discovery solution/platform, could I ask you to take a few moments and respond to the following four questions:

1.  What "next-gen" system do you maintain (i.e. Primo, EBSCO Discovery, Summon, Encore Synergy, custom open source such as Blacklight, etc.)?

2.  How many staff members are supporting this system and what are their roles?

3.  Are you a central library systems department supporting multiple libraries on campus?  If so, how many?

4.  Do you rely on resource support from central IT to augment what is provided by your department?

I greatly appreciate any time you have to offer for this information gathering task.  If you are interested in seeing the compiled results of this query, let me know.

Most kind regards,


Thom W. Cox
Manager of Library Information Technology Services
Tisch Library
Tufts University
Medford, MA

"Every technology has a philosophy which is given
expression in how the technology makes people  use their minds,
in how it codifies the world, and in which of our senses it amplifies..."
    - Neal Postman


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