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I'm sure others have more complete answers about devices/proxy server
software; but if you are strapped for resources/IT staff like we are,
you might try using your reservation software  and your filter in
combination to make profile groups such as:


Type 1-Full Access :  15 minute sessions that are mostly unfiltered
(black lists by minimal categories);

Type 2-General : 1 hour sessions, filtered by more categories (black
lists that include non-preferred use, such as video and/or social

Type 3-Catalog : unlimited session, catalog and databases only (white
listed domains)

Type 4-Word Processing: 1 hour sessions, MS Office/ no Internet


The number of computers set up in each category can be used to "shape"
your patron usage into whatever your bandwidth can support. We also lock
up the "box" in some categories to prevent access to CD/DVD and USB
drives - this helps keep patrons from running their own portable



1.       What you can support probably does not reflect your patron
demand. This will be the case with any traffic shaping plan; but
computer use "profiles" are a lot more visible and may cause negative
feedback at first.

2.       More complicated process for staff: Staff will need to
tactfully inquire what uninformed patrons need to do on a computer in
order to steer them to productive efforts.


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Chattanooga Public Library, Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Does anyone have a hardware device or service they would recommend to
shape or control bandwidth especially for video streaming so that heavy
video users can't use up the majority of the library's bandwidth?


Thanks, Ed



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