[Web4lib] Photo hosted site?

Michael drweb2 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 18:32:52 EDT 2011

Publib/Web4Lib (crossposted, forgive duplication):

We'd like to see if any can recommend a good site for hosting photos, to be
put online by our local authors. We'll retrieve them and edit them and add
to our Local Authors' page. You can see last year's page here:

Criteria for photo upload/storage site:
We can control login/access with "shared" (one) username/password. We can
e-mail this to authors to use.
We have admin rights, so no one else can delete/remove photos unless it is
Small, standard size photos likely, under 2MBs each, perhaps 200-300 photos

I've thought about using dropbox or dropshots.com, but I don't know much
about them. Also, considering using Flickr. I think Picasa's set to close,
but we need something that users/authors can do without adding or
downloading software.

Any tips, suggestions appreciated...

*speaking only for himself*

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